The RapidWeaver Show

The RapidWeaver Show

A weekly podcast bringing you a lighthearted look at building websites with RapidWeaver, the powerful website creation tool from Realmac Software. Each week we cover the latest RapidWeaver news, cover new Addons, and discuss a web-related topic. The show is hosted by Ben & Dan Counsell.

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    Episode 65: Yo Yo Yo!

    We're back after an unexpectedly long break. We've got news of a new RapidWeaver training course, some free tutorials videos, new addons, and ice the size of an eight month old baby!

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    Episode 64: RapidWeaver 7.4 Beta

    This week we have news of the first beta of RapidWeaver 7.4, which includes some rather nice new features.

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    Episode 63: The Mac Pro is alive!

    Dan and Ben discuss the latest RapidWeaver news (including the release of 7.3.3), let you know about a plumbing success story and chat about Apple's announcement that the Mac Pro is alive.

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    Episode 62: Building a Hackintosh Pro

    This week there's new of RapidWeaver 7.3.1 updates, some lovely new addons, a discussion about adding a star rating system to the RapidWeaver Community site, and we chat about Dan's Hackintosh Pro!

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    Episode 61: Interview with Michael from Yuzool

    This week Dan and Ben are joined by Michael from for a chat. You'll find out about how Michael started using RapidWeaver and how he now makes a full time living from building RapidWeaver addons.

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    Episode 60: Edit RapidWeaver Sites Online

    Dan and Ben let you know about our new training course, the "RapidWeaver CMS Course", which teaches you how to edit your RapidWeaver sites online. There's also news of two new addons, and a quick chat about the Pro Mac market.

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    Episode 59: Website uptime monitoring.

    RapidWeaver 7.3 is out now! Also this week there's a new addon developer, a teaser from an "old" developer, and we discuss options for monitoring your website's uptime — and what you can do to stop worrying about it.

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    Episode 58: RapidWeaver For Beginners Tutorials

    This week Dan and Ben let you know about our new (and free!) RapidWeaver For Beginners video tutorials. There's also news of RapidWeaver 7.3, a couple of new addons, and we answer all your questions (including an interesting discussion on performance enhancements).

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    Episode 57: Membership Systems with Sitelok

    On this weeks show we discuss membership systems, overlay menus, and answer all your questions. There's also time to try and explain a cryptic tweet and talk about why coffee from Lidl is bad.

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    Episode 54: Christmas Special

    Dan and Ben are back for a one-off Christmas Special show packed with RapidWeaver info and updates, news about our new app Squash, exciting updates, and some general chit-chat (including the obligatory vegan mention).

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    Episode 52: Season 1 Finale

    Number 52! Our final show for a while. We cover everything from yesterday's  Keynote, including which phone & watch both of us will be ordering…

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    Episode 49: RapidWeaver SEO Course

    We're back after our summer holidays and there's plenty to talk about; lots of new addons, RapidWeaver 7.1 updates, and we've released a RapidWeaver SEO Course.

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    Episode 44: WWDC Predictions

    Another week, another RapidWeaver Show! Dan and Ben are back to let you know about RapidWeaver 7.0.2 and two brand new stacks. We also answer a couple of Weaver questions, and have a chat about what goodies we might see announced at WWDC next week.

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    Episode 43: RapidWeaver 7 updates

    We've got a lighter show for you this week (not much has been happening!), but we do have some news about some new SEO features coming in RapidWeaver 7.0.2 and the usual addons updates.

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    Episode 41: Are you ready for next week?

    Are you ready for next week? We nearly are! Next Tuesday is the big day, so this is our last podcast before RapidWeaver 7 is launched (yay!).

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    Episode 40: RapidWeaver 7 release date?

    We have a jam-packed show for you this week! There's a [new theme][1], a few new project starter kits for [UiKit][2] and [Foundation][3], a new [customisation service][4], a tentative RapidWeaver 7 release date (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone!), and more...

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    Episode 39: All about Stacks

    Ben and Dan are back with another RapidWeaver roundup featuring a couple of new addons, an overview of the Stacks plugin from YourHead, and answers to all your questions.

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    Episode 38: Choosing Colour Palettes

    WE’RE BACK!!! Ben and Dan are back to discuss two weeks worth of addon releases (which include an three awesome stacks), RapidWeaver updates, and answer all your questions. There's no topic this week, but we do discuss colour palettes, specifically how we came up with the colour palette for Clear.

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    Episode 37: Where to start with web development

    Ben and Dan are back with your weekly Weaver updates, including even more never before spoken about RapidWeaver 7 features. We also discuss the latest addon releases, including UIKit; a brand new theme and stack set for the front-end framework.

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    Episode 36: More RapidWeaver 7 Features!

    Ben and Dan let you know about more new RapidWeaver 7 features. We've managed to sneak in two more epic features, listen to the show to find out more!

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    Episode 35: Apple News vs AMP vs FBIA

    Ben and Dan are back with your weekly Weaver update. We discuss the "Mobile News War" as Google/Twitter, FaceBook, and Apple have all released their own News platforms, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, FaceBook Instant Articles, and Apple News respectively.

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    Episode 34: RapidWeaver 7 Feature Recap

    Ben and Dan do a RapidWeaver 7 feature recap; we go through all the headline features we've mentioned on the show, plus a couple of new ones we've not yet told you about! We also discuss "Warehousing".

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    Episode 33: Choosing a theme

    Ben and Dan discuss how you choose the right theme for your site, talk more about how the RapidWeaver 7 betas are going, give you an update on SVG logo support, and answer all your questions.

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    Episode 32: RapidWeaver 7 Questions

    This week is a RapidWeaver 7 user questions special. Ben and Dan answer all your questions about the next major version of your favourite website builder.

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    Episode 31: Responsive Images

    Ben and Dan discuss how the first private beta of RapidWeaver 7 was received and talk about Responsive images.

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    Episode 30: htaccess tips

    On the show this week: Ben and Dan discuss some handy htaccess tips. There's an update on where we are with the first RapidWeaver 7 "beeta" and we round up the latest addons and videos available on the Community site. We also manage to squeeze in a couple of user questions!

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    Episode 29: Special RapidWeaver 7 Announcement

    On this week's show Ben and Dan have a special RapidWeaver 7 announcement (it's definitely worth listening for, trust us)! We also discuss the latest addon news, let you know about some new RapidWeaver video tutorials, and preview some awesome updates coming to the RapidWeaver Community site.

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    Episode 28: Web Typography

    Ben and Dan talk about a two new RapidWeaver 7 features: Health Check and portable documents. Our topic this week is “Web Typography”. We talk about how you can use custom fonts on your site, and the pros and cons of doing so.

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    Episode 27: Your first RapidWeaver site

    Ben and Dan discuss what you need to do before getting your first RapidWeaver site online. We also let you know about four new exciting addons this week and rant about web design trends.

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    Episode 26: Custom 404 Error Pages

    Ben and Dan discuss custom 404 error pages, talk about the progress being made with RapidWeaver 7, and let you know about some exciting new addons (SEO fans will be excited, and there's a new 5th party developer!).

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    Episode 25: Control how Google indexes your site

    Ben is joined by Dan to discuss robots, new features coming in RapidWeaver 7, and cover the latest addon releases.

    There's been two very nice new themes this week: Writer theme by Nick Cates Design and the Florence theme by Brandon Lee Theme Design.

    Our topic this is all about the robots.txt file. We discuss why you need one, how you create one with RapidWeaver and what you options are for controlling how Google indexes your RapidWeaver site.

    Our tip this week is all about making sure your themes are up to date.

    We even have time to let you know about an awesome new feature making its way in to RapidWeaver 7!

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 24: Using GIT with RapidWeaver

    Ben is joined by Dan and Nik this week. The three of us discuss the new “movable addons folder” feature that’s coming in RapidWeaver 7. A movable addons folders means if you work on multiple machines, you can sync your addons across all machines with DropBox.

    We let you know that YabDab has a new stack called Filter. Filter helps you create an animated Pintrest-style layout.

    BlueBall Design have been developing RapidWeaver addons for 12 YEARS (wow!). Charlie is celebrating by offering 40% off all his RapidWeaver addons.

    We also have two new RapidWeaver tutorial videos online; “ Performance enhancements and HTTPS with CloudFlare” and “ Control How Google Indexes Your RapidWeaver Site”.

    Our topic this week is “Using GIT with RapidWeaver”. We discuss getting started with GIT and different ways you can track changes to your RapidWeaver project file and exported site with a GIT repository by using GitHub as a central repository.

    And finally, we've added a new section to the show called "RapidWeaver Tips". Our first tip is: Always make sure your plugins are up to date!

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 23: Why should I Blog?

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    Episode 21: Community news and Brad's questions.

    Ben is joined by Dan to bring you your weekly RapidWeaver update. We discuss some new addons and what's been happening on the RapidWeaver Community website (and what you can expect to see early next year!).

    We answer all your questions (well mainly just Brad's questions!) about resource aliases, folder path structures, Christmas themes, developer resources and Christmas wish-lists.

    Also, what would we do with £52 bajillion pounds?

    Keep listening as there's a special treat at the end ;)

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

    P.S. Merry Christmas :)

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    Episode 20: RapidWeaver Conference? Nik reads release notes. Einstein. Hitler!

    Ben and Dan discuss what a RapidWeaver conference might look like, respond to a couple of "complaints" about usernames and mixing up turtles and toads. In community news we let you know about Elixir's new theme and three new stacks from Marathia.

    We call up Nik to help us answer all your RapidWeaver related questions, including project file sizes, the benefits of using a CDN and some more button builder info.

    In a new section of the show, Nik reads release notes. (Yes, you read that correctly, Nik reads release notes!).

    We even have time for an educational chat about history and philosophy. What more could you want?!?

    If you have a question for next weeks show, you can ask us on the forums.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 19: Christmas party, shopping carts and accidental offence.

    Ben and Dan talk about some new RapidWeaver 7 features, new addons, answer all your questions and, most importantly, let you know what we got up to on the Realmac Christmas party!

    We haven't got a topic for you this week as we had a lot of interesting user questions, including: what apps do we use to edit graphics & photos, how to use RapidWeaver on multiple computers and setting up a complex online store.

    You can ask us a question on the forums and we'll answer it next week.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 18: SEO tips & tricks

    On this weeks show Ben and Dan discuss SEO again! After so many of you requested we coved SEO again, we discuss in more detail URL structures, meta tags, browser titles, HTTPS, and much more. We also chat about how we approach the murky world of SEO on our own sites.

    There's been 2 new addons released: In Motion Slideshow and Scrying.

    We didn't have any user questions this week: please let us know if you have a question

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 17: Teenage Realmac and all the questions

    This week on The RapidWeaver Show Ben and Dan answer all of you questions.

    Dan lets us know what the team did to celebrate Realmac Software turning 13.

    In community news SuperFlex 3 has been released. Silver subscribers can now listen to the extra podcast episodes (we just released episode 3), there's a new video tutorial on Keyboard Shortcuts and the Activity feed is now online!

    There's no topic this week due to the amount of questions, but we'll have one for you next week.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 16: Building Responsive Websites with RapidWeaver

    This week on The RapidWeaver Show Ben talks Swedish and falls over whilst Dan shows off his German skills and pours himself a coffee.

    In community news there's a new theme from Michael David Design, an update for RW Writer is out, we discuss the subscriber podcasts and Ben gives you an update on the activity feed.

    In our topic this week we discuss "Responsive Websites"; what are they, why you should have one and how to build a one with RapidWeaver. We take a look at how you create responsive content, and how to show/hide content on certain devices.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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    Episode 15: Running a business with RapidWeaver

    This week on the Beaver and Bison show we discuss a new feature we've added to RapidWeaver 7! In community news we clarify where and when the subscribers podcasts will be available, let you know that Ivy 2 has been released and that Total & Easy CMS have been updated.

    Our topic (as promised!) this week is "Running a business with RapidWeaver". We talk about dealing with clients, choosing the right theme, publishing the site, setting up a store, online editing and more.

    We even manage to squeeze a couple of user questions!

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then: Happy Weaving :)

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    Episode 14: Long time developers & Macworld 2006

    Ben and Dan are back with your weekly RapidWeaver roundup. This week has seen RapidWeaver 6.3.5 finally released, Henk Vrieselaar’s 10 year RapidWeaver anniversary, a new news site and a brand new theme release!

    There's no topic again this week (please send us your topic ideas!), so we reminisce about Macworld 2006 and the announcement of iWeb!

    In user questions we talk about responsive images, sharing addons with developers for support purposes and how to upgrade to RapidWeaver 6!

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then: Happy Weaving :)

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    Episode 13: New Addons. New video tutorials. SSL & Animals.

    Ben is joined by Dan to discuss three new addons; Impact, Interloper and RapidCart Pro 4

    We have two new RapidWeaver video tutorials for you; “ Web Developer Tools Introduction” and “ Creating Partials in Stacks 3”.

    Finally, we answer your questions about adding SSL to your site, whether you can do anything about content blockers and which animals we would be?

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then: Happy Weaving :)

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    Episode 12: RW 7 FTP. Hangouts. Video tutorials. Free addons!

    Ben is joined by the ever wonderful Dan to discuss a new RapidWeaver 7 feature.

    We let Joe Workman know that he needs to take it easy after his marathon week of hangouts demoing Total CMS and Easy CMS.

    We also go through the latest updates to the RapidWeaver Community site, which include a new RapidWeaver video tutorial, more free addons for Gold subscribers and a better way to find addons!

    Finally we answer a few users questions about HTML vs PHP, project files sizes and where we see RapidWeaver in 5 years.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then: Happy Weaving :)

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    Episode 11: Mud monsters, Gold and The C in CSS.

    Ben is joined by Nik to discuss mud monsters, the new community Gold subscriptions and talk about The C in CSS.

    Dan completed his 10K Mud Monsters run last week, check out his video of mud and sponsor him, if you haven't yet!

    In community news, Elixir Graphics has _another_ new stack available and we talk about the RapidWeaver Community Gold subscriptions which gives you all our video tutorials, $100+ of free addons, priority support and more!

    In our topic we discuss the Cascade bit of CSS. We talk about the different ways to include CSS, how to ensure your custom CSS will be applied and give you a few tips on how use the different types of CSS selector.

    We'll be back same time, same place, next week! Until then: Happy Weaving :)

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    Episode 10: RapidWeaver CMSs & upgrading to Stacks 3

    Ben and Dan attempt to pronounce names this week. RapidWeaver 6.3.5 is in beta and there's two new stacks to tell you about.

    There's no topic again this week (we'll have one for you next week), as we have a lot of questions to get through.

    Apologies for the poor audio this week, normal service will resume next week!

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    Episode 9: RapidWeaver Got Yo' Back!

    This week Ben is joined by both Dan and Nik to discuss everything RapidWeaver.

    We follow up on iOS 9 Content Blockers from last week, let you know that RapidWeaver 6 works nicely on El Capitan and give you some early details on another RapidWeaver 7 feature.

    In Addon news we cover the awesome new CMS stacks from Joe Workman: Easy CMS and Total CMS.

    There's also information about an upcoming release of RapidCart Pro along with details about our new theme “Highlight”.

    Finally we answer your questions about Sitemaps, RapidWeaver's built in publishing, a centralised support area and how to backup your project file.

    We'll be back again same time, same place, next week. Until then, happy weaving!

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    Episode 8: RapidWeaver 7 features, content blockers and user questions galore.

    Ben is joined by Dan to give you a sneak peek some upcoming RapidWeaver 7 features!

    We're really sorry if you received a lot of emails from us this week, we had a bug in our code. We've fixed it now, but we apologies if you received loads of emails from us.

    In addon news we cover an update to BlogStack (a stack to integrate your blog in to your RapidWeaver site) and let you know about our new theme called Marketit.

    We touch on Content Blockers for Safari in iOS9 and how it might block your font icons.

    Finally in this jam-packed show we answer a few questions from our loverly listeners, including “One Page Sites VS Multipage Sites”, “Will you bring back the ability to sync addons across devices?” and “What is the best way to build a multilingual site?”

    We'll be back again same time, same place, next week. Until then, happy weaving!

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    Episode 7: Customising the look & feel of your site

    Ben is back from holiday and is joined by Dan to discuss PayLoom 3, a new stack by Nick Cates and answer your question (we only had one this week, we need some more!).

    In our topic we discuss the various ways you can modify the look and feel of your site, from theme styles to custom CSS to modifying themes.

    We'll be back again same time, same place, next week. Until then, happy weaving!



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    Episode 6: Live from Realmac HQ

    Ben is away so Dan and Nik have taken over the show for this week. They discuss the latest RapidWeaver updates along with some addon news and catch-up on the backlog of user questions!


    Normal service will resume next week. Until then, happy weaving!





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    Episode 5: Wear your white hat.

    Ben is joined by Dan to discuss some features we're adding to RapidWeaver 7 and let you know about the new "Timeline" stack from Elixir.

    In our topic this week we put on our white hats and enter the murky world of SEO.

    Until next week, happy weaving!



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    Episode 4: Russia connects to you.

    Ben is joined by Nik to discuss the release of Bricks 2 and Stacks 3.

    Our topic this week takes in-depth look at what you can do to speed up your RapidWeaver built sites. We cover server-side techniques, caching, DNS and more. We also squeeze in a couple of your user questions.

    Until next week, happy weaving :)



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    Episode 3: Smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside.

    Dan and Ben discuss the latest RapidWeaver 6 beta and how to suggest features for RapidWeaver 7.

    In addon news; you can now integrate a blog in to RapidWeaver using BlogStack. Armadillo v2 has been release, allowing you to edit your RapidWeaver content from anywhere, using any device.

    In user questions we discuss how you would go about integrating a User Membership System into RapidWeaver.

    We're now on iTunes, so please go and leave a review and rate us 5 stars, but only if you love the show. If you think the show is rubbish, please don't leave a review ;)

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    Episode 2: I get ‘em out as quick as I can

    Dan and Ben discuss RapidWeaver 7, the Stacks 3 public beta, new features coming to the RapidWeaver Community site and answer some of your questions.

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    Episode 1: Welcome to The RapidWeaver Show

    Dan and Ben discuss RapidWeaver 6.3.x, Stacks 3, and answer a commonly asked question: "Will RapidWeaver ever be a web-based service?" — to find out the answer you'll need to listen to the show.

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