The RapidWeaver Show

The RapidWeaver Show

A weekly podcast bringing you a lighthearted look at building websites with RapidWeaver, the powerful website creation tool from Realmac Software. Each week we cover the latest RapidWeaver news, cover new Addons, and discuss a web-related topic. The show is hosted by Ben & Dan Counsell.

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    Episode 64: RapidWeaver 7.4 Beta

    This week we have news of the first beta of RapidWeaver 7.4, which includes some rather nice new features.

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    Episode 63: The Mac Pro is alive!

    Dan and Ben discuss the latest RapidWeaver news (including the release of 7.3.3), let you know about a plumbing success story and chat about Apple's announcement that the Mac Pro is alive.

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    Episode 62: Building a Hackintosh Pro

    This week there's new of RapidWeaver 7.3.1 updates, some lovely new addons, a discussion about adding a star rating system to the RapidWeaver Community site, and we chat about Dan's Hackintosh Pro!

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    Episode 61: Interview with Michael from Yuzool

    This week Dan and Ben are joined by Michael from for a chat. You'll find out about how Michael started using RapidWeaver and how he now makes a full time living from building RapidWeaver addons.

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    Episode 60: Edit RapidWeaver Sites Online

    Dan and Ben let you know about our new training course, the "RapidWeaver CMS Course", which teaches you how to edit your RapidWeaver sites online. There's also news of two new addons, and a quick chat about the Pro Mac market.

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    Episode 59: Website uptime monitoring.

    RapidWeaver 7.3 is out now! Also this week there's a new addon developer, a teaser from an "old" developer, and we discuss options for monitoring your website's uptime — and what you can do to stop worrying about it.

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    Episode 58: RapidWeaver For Beginners Tutorials

    This week Dan and Ben let you know about our new (and free!) RapidWeaver For Beginners video tutorials. There's also news of RapidWeaver 7.3, a couple of new addons, and we answer all your questions (including an interesting discussion on performance enhancements).

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    Episode 57: Membership Systems with Sitelok

    On this weeks show we discuss membership systems, overlay menus, and answer all your questions. There's also time to try and explain a cryptic tweet and talk about why coffee from Lidl is bad.

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